The Best Summer Cocktails Ever

 Forget your craft beer or wine, this summer go a little fruity with one of our chilled cocktails. After all, what’s this warm weather without a cool drink in your hand?

While we love a classic cocktail at The Coach House, we do love to experiment with our drink mixes. And because summer and our back garden is bursting with fresh produce, we think it’s the perfect time to forget about the old fashioned and try something with that unforgettable seasonal kick.

Our mixologist team has stepped things up a notch this year, with some cocktails bursting with the taste of summer. The team love to get everything perfect, right down to every specific ingredient, so feel free to ask our guys behind the bar about their latest creations.

Our top three for summer has to be the Passionfruit Sour, expect a zingy, sweet drink, ideal for those with a sweet tooth. Love a mojito, well our Yorkshire version is all about  elderflower and cucumber, all foraged locally of course. And for that playful hint of summer, try our Gin and Jam, you’ll feel pretty jammy with your choice (pun intended).

Don’t worry Old Fashioned – we’ll be back for you this winter.