Say hello to Millie

Millie starts her Yoga residency at The Old Forge this January


After finding inspiration from her own Yoga teacher two years ago, Millie Lepic has been hooked with Vinyasa yoga ever since. So we are super excited to collaborate with Millie to host six Friday morning Yoga sessions to energise your mind and body and clear those January blues. We caught up with Millie to find out a little bit more…

We are so excited to announce our weekly yoga sessions at The Old Forge Barn, what would you say to those who are thinking about joining?

I think there is a popular misconception about yoga only being for the flexible but actually yoga is for everyone regardless of shape, size, age, gender, and ability. The Asanas are performed within the comfort of what is available to the individual and there are adaptations, modifications and progressions to suit every level, from first time attendee to lifelong devotee.

How did your interest in Yoga start?

I qualified as a fitness yoga instructor during my second year at university and instructed, alongside my studies. At the same time I also attended Vinyasa yoga classes, which is where I developed a keener interest in the traditional aspects of yoga. After graduation, I visited India to study Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and fell deeper in love with the philosophy and spiritual practice.

Yoga is the one exercise that has never fallen out of trend, what do you think it is about Yoga that makes it such a popular exercise?

The postures focus the mind and create a sense of personal awareness whilst the body benefits from improved lymphatic drainage, neurological adaptations and increased muscle fibre recruitment. The closing posture stills the mind and body to reduce stress and improve sleep hygiene. A follower of yoga has the opportunity to discover an overall sense of positive well-being, which is perhaps the reason why it has always been so popular and continues to be so.

As a yoga instructor, what are the main benefits of Vinyasa Yoga?

I find the freedom and fluidity of Vinyasa to be energising and relaxing at the same time, it’s a beautiful way to move. The breath leads the postures and calms the mind and body to achieve union and the aforementioned benefits above.

As a beginner, how can an attendee expect to see a change after practising yoga in weekly sessions?

It will be different for each individual and changes will occur at an individual pace, but regular attendees can experience the aforementioned physical, emotional and psychological benefits and enjoy an overall sense of wellness.

Millie Lepic will be starting her weekly yoga sessions at The Old Forge Barn from Friday 12 January at 7am. £30 for six-week block.

To book a place, please call our Reception team on 01325 377977 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An update from the Estate

It has been a tough week for everyone, and it is with sad hearts that we are announcing the temporary closure of our hotel & restaurant. We are not waiting for an order that falls too late, so we have taken the difficult decision to close the hotel in its entirety. Our upmost priority is to protect our loyal guests, the Middleton Lodge team, and our families at home. Unfortunately we are cancelling all bookings until 1st June 2020.

To be clear: we have had no suspected cases of COVID-19, either from our guests or our team. This is a heartbreaking decision, but it is one that we have made by choice, to keep you safe during this unprecedented time. Our last working day will be Saturday 21st March and we are in contact with all event organisers helping them to transfer dates. Our thoughts are with the NHS at this time of national crisis.

What about my booking?

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What Next?

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