The Big Why


Empowered Menopause – The Big Why by Kate Airey

If I was to tell you that an Empowered Menopause is possible? Would you believe me? Menopause has a bad reputation. And if we go into our 3rd Age expecting the worst with a stack full of negative thoughts and feelings, how can we expect anything more?

Today’s cultural norm see’s us running around like headless chickens and putting ourselves firmly at the bottom of our priority list. We reach the start of menopause feeling frazzled and worn out. It’s no wonder that we struggle with hot flashes, poor sleep, low mood and weight gain.

Menopause can feel like the fog has closed in on us, it can feel relentless and overwhelming. But trust me when I say, I can help you navigate through the fog until it lifts. I’m not talking about a quick fix or a miracle solution. I’m talking about small sustainable practices.

If we look at our life as a map, the territory is always changing. We just need to learn to change with it. What worked for us in our 20’s isn’t going to work for us now. Our bodies and minds are asking for more and it’s time for us to listen. It’s time for us to implement a Wellness Toolkit.

This first thing we need to ask our self is ‘What is our Big Why?’ I ask all of my clients to do this when they embark on their journey to improved health, wellness and happiness. It’s so easy to get swept away in doing what we think is expected of us. It is easy to get stuck in the busyness of life. Now is the time to reassess your life goals, the big and the small.

Top Tips to discover your Big Why:

  • Rediscover what brings you joy, then do more of it.
  • Be your true authentic self. Stop trying to please others at the expense of your health and happiness.
  • Celebrate the wisdom that comes with every day we have on this planet. You have so many life lessons under your belt. Use them as a force for good.
  • Create a vision board. Do it as a personal task or as a family. Take your dreams off the shelf, put them on your board and make a plan to action them.
  • Start your day with a positive thought. Write a gratitude list.
  • Take time to hit the pause button. Journal, meditate and take time to quieten your mind. We can create so much clarity from a simple task of meditation. Disconnect from everything around you and draw your awareness to your breath.

Start using these top tips now, tomorrow will never come. Take ownership of your health and be the best version of you.


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