Skin Care At Home

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As most of you have probably started to adjust and settled into a routine of life at home, we want to share with you our top tips from our 'Treatment Rooms' Manager Hannah Catt. This is a brilliant time to get on top of your skincare routines, however your skin health could have taken an initial hit as not only your lifestyle, your fitness and your diet will all be changing.

If possible take vitamin D tablets, this helps to rejuvenate the skin, fight free radicals which can cause premature ageing and it’s also an essential for cellular repair. Of course with having to stay indoors during lockdown it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D naturally but do ensure you make the most of your one form of exercise a day by taking a brisk morning stroll.

Alternatively to taking vitamins here is how you can supplement it in your diet during the coming weeks ahead:

- Fresh Orange Juice

- Oily Fish such as Tuna, Salmon and Mackerel

- Fortified Cereals

- Full Fat Cheese

- Free Range Eggs

Tip - Drinking green tea is an amazing way of getting antioxidants in to the body (an essential for skin health). The tea bags can also be cooled and placed on the eye area to help reduce dark circles and puffiness.

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