Spring Gardening

 Gardening GASP

Head Gardener's Spring Top Tips

Don’t be tempted to plant out half hardy plants yet although the days are warm, we are still getting ground frost. Avoid planting frost tender plants until the end of May.

Prune spring flowering shrubs like forsythia, spirea and viburnum tinus soon as they have finished flowering so they have all season to put on new growth.

Once we have had some rain you should put a high nitrogen spring feed on your lawn to green it up.

Stake herbaceous plants like peonies and delphiniums as they start to grow.

The ground is very dry at moment so any new planting must be watered about twice a week until we have significant rain.

Although garden centres are shut at the moment you will find some are offering a delivery service, you can also order seeds and plants online.


National Earth Day 

In light of National Earth Day this month we want to encourage you to compost at home, If you have the space for a compost bin it’s a ideal way of recycling your garden waste and when rotted will add organic matter back to your soil.

It’s difficult to put a size on a compost bin that you require, it depends on the size of your garden and the volume of waste you have. If you have space to have 3 side by side this is the ideal so you can have one rotting, one filling and one spare so you can turn the compost. This makes it rot quicker and mixes the material up making better compost. If you don’t have the space, one is better than none but makes turning more difficult.

Start by filling one bin over a season, you can add leaves, grass clippings annual weeds, vegetable waste, or any soft green garden material…don’t add woody material as this will not rot quick enough, also don’t add perennial weeds such as ground elder, docks, couch grass as you will be putting this as compost back on your garden when emptying.

Start by filling one bin, add the material in layers, a mixture of different types of material makes better compost than large volumes of one thing, too many grass clippings makes a slimy compost, try mix with other material such as leaves.

When the bin is full, empty the first compost bin into the next bin. This will re activate the bacteria and add air which will speed up the rotting process. It will take approximately 9 months for the compost to rot before you are able to put back on the garden.

Once one bin is full leave to rot, start filling the next bin and repeat the process.

We hope you give it a try and do your bit for the environment.




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An update from the Estate

Whilst it is still far from clear when it will be appropriate to reopen our hotel & restaurant, our upmost priority is to protect you, our customers and the Middleton Lodge team. We have therefore tentatively decided to reopen on Thursday 23rd July. We will be implementing new systems to improve safety across the estate and work to the social distancing guidelines. Please bear with us as these may evolve and improve as we adjust to this new way or working. We will be introducing ‘contactless stays’ with more in room dining options, a new gatehouse & online check-in, private hot tubs as well as new alfresco dining options. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to!

What about my booking?

If you have a booking of any kind (hotel, spa or restaurant) due to take place before 23rd July 2020 we will be in touch with you personally via telephone or email. If you would consider rescheduling rather than completely cancelling your booking, that would mean so much to us as an independent hotel. We promise to do everything we can to deal with this situation as swiftly as we can.We are deeply sorry for the disappointment this causes; it has been a tough decision to make, but ultimately the right one. We respectfully request that you do not need to contact us about your booking at this time, unless directly requested to do so. Our lovely team are dealing with this as quickly as possible, and we don't want to overwhelm them, or slow the process for you.

Gift Vouchers

The redemption period will be extended to allow for this unplanned closure. If you would like to purchase a voucher please email the team via our contact page.

What Next?

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team will keep working diligently to ensure that we re-open in a way that is better than ever. You will be given the first opportunity to reschedule your stay and, when the time comes, we'll offer a safe, restful escape from this global ordeal.Please take care and stay safe. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your support during this difficult time. We can't wait to welcome you back.

The Allison Family and Middleton Lodge Team x