A Discussion with Yorkshire Yogi

We chatted to Kelly, from Yorkshire Yogi, to find out about Vinyasa Yoga and what to expect from our Into The Woods: Yoga Workshop, this September. 

Our latest yoga workshop with Kelly from Yorkshire Yogi, is all about learning some simple steps to help focus your mind and make your body stronger. We chatted with Kelly, ahead of the workshop on 30 September, to find out a little more about Vinyasa Yoga and what guests can expect from our Into The Woods Yoga Workshop.

Can you explain what Vinyasa Yoga is and its benefits? 

Vinyasa Yoga is all about linking your postures and moving you around your mat, from standing to lying down. Vinyasa works through postures to improve flexibility, balance and strength.  

What's your favourite style of yoga?

My personal favourite is actually Vinyasa, I love the way each posture flows and runs into the next. I always leave a Vinyasa class feeling refreshed, recharged and alive.

Where's your favourite place to practice yoga? 

I love to practice yoga outside, especially in the Lake District’s mountains. To me, it’s just magical there. 

Why does the Middleton Lodge Estate, especially the Old Forge, work as a peaceful yoga space? 

The Old Forge is nestled in a peaceful corner of the estate, with such beautiful large windows that allows us to enjoy the natural sunlight. It's so cosy and warm, which at this time of year up North is always a must!

What can people expect to learn from your latest workshop? 

The whole workshop is aimed to carve out some quality time for you, and to enhance your health and wellbeing. The combination of mindful breathing and movement through yoga, a delicious meal, mindful walking and guided relaxation really is a fantastic combination. Whether you’re a yoga beginner or a pro, my aim for the workshop is to help you feel good about yourself. You will finish the day feeling strong and healthy, with a new found confidence for both your body and mind.

Into The Woods: Yoga Day Retreat Workshop, 30 September from 10.30am - 3pm. For more information and to book, just click here.