Capturing the Essence of Nature

Sustainability and conserving the landscape sits at the heart of the ethos at Forge. Preserving the ingredients we have growing here to use in the seasons ahead, is a skill and something we very much enjoy. 

Preservation is an integral part of our culinary philosophy at both restaurants, the Coach House and Forge. Through various preservation techniques, we extend the lifespan of seasonal ingredients, capturing their essence to be enjoyed throughout the year. 

In the larder at Forge, we discovered some of these exceptional preserves that the team have been crafting…

– Elderflower Vinegar: A tangy and floral vinegar, perfect for enhancing dressings and marinades.

– Fermented Nasturtium: Unleashing the unique flavours of nasturtium through fermentation, adding a tangy and peppery kick to your palate.

– Fermented Crystal Lemon Cucumber: Experience the refreshing and crisp flavours of cucumber intensified through fermentation.

– Pickled Green Strawberry: Discover the intriguing combination of tartness and sweetness in every bite of our pickled green strawberries.

– Nettle Gremolata: An herbaceous condiment infused with the vibrant flavours of nettle, providing a delightful twist to your dishes.

– Pickled Redcurrants: Tangy and bright, pickled redcurrants lend a burst of flavour to various culinary creations.

– Blackcurrant Juice: A rich and luscious juice, great for adding acidity to courses and depth of flavour

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Recipes from the Estate Kitchens

Inspired by the produce growing in the kitchen garden and those ingredients supplied by the local farming community each recipe we share is a celebration of a season, encouraging you to eat fresh, naturally growing ingredients which come with the equinoxes and solstices.