Autumn in our Restaurants

Early autumn on the estate is a time when the walled gardens, orchards and raised beds are filled with an abundance of fruits, herbs and vegetables. The chefs and gardeners work closely together picking and harvesting the autumn ingredients, which are then used to create recipes at the Coach House and Forge.

It’s a time when the ingredients are at their peak, so head chef Ross Forder, at the Coach House, and head chef Jake Jones, at Forge, pickle and preserve many of these ripened ingredients for the winter months ahead, creating syrups, homemade compotes and chutneys, alongside drying herbs to create salts and seasonings.

Our chefs take inspiration from the working methods of the estate back in the 18th century, using each season’s ingredients from the gardens and grounds to cook and create delicious dishes. This reduces food miles, increases sustainability, and adds a uniqueness to both Forge and the Coach House as they create dishes that bring diners a taste of the estate.

Where ingredients cannot be produced onsite, both chefs work closely with the very best local suppliers to source meat and fish for the restaurants.

Recipes from the Estate Kitchens

Inspired by the produce growing in the kitchen garden and those ingredients supplied by the local farming community each recipe we share is a celebration of a season, encouraging you to eat fresh, naturally growing ingredients which come with the equinoxes and solstices.