There are a lot of buildings on the estate including accommodation, restaurants, treatment rooms, event spaces and more. We looked at lots of options for heating the estate and there are a number of factors which meant a high heat option was preferable. This was primarily driven by the historic buildings and high water demand of the spa requirements. In the end we opted for a centralised biomass boiler. This uses woodchip as it’s fuel, which we source as locally as possible. We use thinning’s from the estate woodland management programme and replant trees every year to help reduce any carbon footprint.

Solar heating tubes have been included in the spa development. They will provide the energy needed to heat the outdoor swimming pool on the estate, which is set to open in February 2023.

We have also completed our transition to electric in our kitchens and have removed all gas appliances. Outdoor gas heaters in the coach house courtyard have been removed and replaced with hot water bottles and blankets for guests. 

Electric car charging points have been installed in the main car park for customers to encourage the use of electric cars. 

We have invested in solar PV for our farm roof and this should be producing electric for the site by Easter 2023. Any electric we purchase from the grid is from sustainable sources.

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