Ingredients for 1 Soufflé

20ml Double cream (Acorn Dairy)
Raddiccio leaves picked and washed
40g Pickle fennel (garden)
4 Piece dice quince (garden)
Toasted hazelnuts (garden)
Picked fresh verbena (garden)
Lovesome Hill extra virgin rapeseed oil 

Ingredients for 8 Soufflé

450g Milk (Acorn Dairy)
250g Cream (Acorn Dairy)
2 Bay leaf (garden)
80g Butter (home made)
80g Flour (Carrs cumbria uk wheat)
170g Harrogate blue (Sheppards Purse, Thirsk)
6 Egg yolk
5 Egg white (Wensleydale eggs)

Poached Garden Quince

1kg Quince
100g Sugar
1 Bay leaf
Twigs thyme
Sprig rosemary
8 Dried fennel flowers  

Pickle liquor

30g Sugar
60g Water
90g White wine vinegar (or other) 

Harrogate Blue Cheese Souffle

• Heat milk cream and bay 
• Remove bay
• Melt butter in a separate pan
• Add flour to butter and mix well
• Slowly add the milk to the butter flour mix and beat well until flour is cooked out and you have a thick sauce – remove from heat
• Whip white to soft peaks
• Beat egg yolk and cheese into white sauce
• Add in half the whipped white and mix
• Slowly fold in the remain whites

• Once well mixed – season taste and adjust as needed
• Butter and lightly flour dariole moulds
• Fill to 2cm from top 
• Place into a deep tray and fill half way with water
• Place in a pre heat ed oven @ 180°c for 12 minutes
• Allow to cool slightly and tip out allow to cool for later

Poached quince:
• Peel quince and cut sides in to 2cm dice
• Reserve peel and core
• Any additional trim to be used for quince jelly
• Bring the water and sugar and spice to the boil with the cores and peel 
• Allow to cool then strain
• Bring liquid back to the boil and add diced quince – simmer for 6-8 minutes until tender
• Allow to cool and place in kilner jars 

Pickle liquiour:
• Bring sugar, water, vinegar to the boil 
• Wash and dry fennel
• Shave fennel on a mandolin 
• Add to the hot pickle liquor and allow to cool 

To serve:
• Place souffle and cream in an oven safe suitably sized ramekin ( eared dish)
• Bake at 180°c for 7-8minutes until golden and all liquid has gone
• Toss salad items with oil and season well 
• Serve to the side of the souffle

Recipes from The Walled Garden

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