Exploring the Seasonal Flavours at Forge

May is a time that the walled gardens fill, and one of the most exciting times in the kitchens at Forge. Since re-opening in February with head chef Jake Jones, Forge has brought a unique tasting experience to the estate. Inspired by the estate’s landscape and the transitions of the seasons here, the tasting menu will welcome new courses as the abundance of spring is celebrated in the kitchens.

We joined Jake on one of his early morning forages to find out more about the tasting menu at Forge at this time of year. 

New Dishes: Celebrating the Arrival of Spring

May and June mark the beginning of a vibrant season on the estate. Our gardens are teeming with new growth, inspiring us to create exquisite dishes that showcase the finest flavours of the season. Creating new courses is my passion, the estate has so many different areas to it, there is always something inspiring a new course.

Some of the new editions to embark on are: 

1. Jersey Royals in Ramson Cream, Sheep’s Yoghurt, Toasted Quinoa, Greenhouse Herbs

Experience the earthy and nutty notes of Jersey Royals that are complemented by the delicate creaminess of ramson and sheep’s yoghurt. The toasted quinoa adds a delightful crunch, while the greenhouse herbs infuse the dish with freshness and fragrance.

2. Elsanta Strawberries – Toasted Hay Cream – Sweet Woodruff

A course that takes you back to the traditions of the estate, a time when fresh strawberries would be picked and hay made. The addition of sweet woodruff provides a subtle herbal undertone, creating a harmonious taste.

3. English Pea and Elderflower Tart

Bringing together the essence of English peas and elderflower in a beautifully created tart. The vibrant green peas and delicate elderflower combine to create a refreshing and light dish, perfect for embracing the season.

4. Piercebridge Chicken – White Lisbon Onion – Nasturtium – Nettle

The locally reared tender Piercebridge chicken is succulent, it balances perfectly with the subtle pungency of White Lisbon onion. Vibrant nasturtium and nettle add a touch of herbaceousness, it’s a fresh dish that brings a real taste of spring. 

“The new courses add further chapters to the sense-evoking stories we tell through the senses at Forge, moving with the seasons makes the tasting experience forever changing, adding new dimensions to the tasting experience.”

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Recipes from the Estate Kitchens

Inspired by the produce growing in the kitchen garden and those ingredients supplied by the local farming community each recipe we share is a celebration of a season, encouraging you to eat fresh, naturally growing ingredients which come with the equinoxes and solstices.