Introducing Coach House Cordials: A garden symphony of soft drinks

May at Middleton Lodge sees the greenery and gardens flourish, at the Coach House a new symphony of soft drinks has been composed. Inspired by the estate’s bountiful gardens, and guided by his passion for kitchen garden cocktails, Kain Patience has crafted a range of cordials that are exciting and refreshing. Whilst tasting the delicious new creations, we discovered more about what to expect from the Coach House cordials. 

When asked about what inspired him to create these cordials, he said. “The estate is such an inspiring place, there is produce growing everywhere – especially at this time of year. I am always intrigued as to what I can use to create new, inventive drinks to add to our bar and cocktail menu.” 

He wanted to create a soft drink that is exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

The cordials are made from the estate’s ingredients and are all handpicked by Kain himself. For the first cordial, he chose Cherry Blossom, the delicate floral notes of which combine the flavours of cherry, almond, and marzipan, resulting in a sweet and fragrant drink. For the second, Kain used forced Yorkshire Rhubarb, which he describes as having “more of a kick,” with a bittersweet feel. Next up is the Burdock cordial, which Kain created by gathering dandelions from the estate grounds and drying them, resulting in a fresh and foraged taste that has hints of the famous ‘Dandelion and Burdock’ drink. Finally, the bronze Fennel cordial has a deep and rich aniseed flavour – he recommends adding to homemade fizzy lemonade.

When asked which cordial is his favourite, Kain couldn’t help but choose the Rhubarb. “It’s sharp and balanced.”

How and when does Kain collect the ingredients for the drinks? 

“On a morning, I will always have a wander through the gardens,” he explains. “It’s a great chance to spot any new ingredients making an appearance. Then, I draft a plan of what I can do with the different ingredients and what I can create. At lunch, I’ll head back out and pick what I need to create each of the cordials in large baskets and carefully take the ingredients back to the kitchen where I get to work on making them.”

The cordials are very versatile and can add a new depth of flavour to spirits and mixers, cocktails and mocktails, or even a hint of summer to a glass of fizz. Kain is always looking for different ways to use the ingredients growing on the estate to create sustainable drinks that are delicious and transition with the seasons.

“I am looking forward to sharing the cordials with our guests. I would always say to enjoy them in the summer sunshine in the Coach House courtyard.” 

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