Late summer favourites with Ross Forder

Capturing the essence of late August, Head Chef at the Coach House Ross Forder shares some new recipes that embrace this time of year and the beauty it brings with fresh ingredients, rich flavours, and produce from the land, kitchen gardens or sea that inspire his culinary creations.

“We work with the most amazing fishmonger who has delivered some beautiful fresh fish to us recently. I have paired these wonderful flavours of the sea with fresh ingredients from the garden. 

“Some beautiful sardines were delivered and that morning I’d been into the garden and harvested some of the tomatoes we have in the greenhouses. It’s the simplest, careful pairings that work the best when creating the most flavoursome dishes.”

“Silver fillets of mackerel were also delivered. The fish is known for its strong and almost bitter taste. I added contrast by pairing it with sweet, late summer wild strawberries from the estate. The combination of textures, bitter and sweet flavours and vibrant colours was magical. I finished this dish with an estate-inspired greenhouse garden vegetable salsa.

“The textures worked so well I used this opportunity to create a vegetarian and vegan dish that followed the same concept, but I swapped the fish for a hearty aubergine from the greenhouse.”

Ross Forder, head chef at the Coach House. 

Dish of the month:
Mackerel niçoise – a beautiful little salad, with potato, tomato, green beans and onion from the garden, finished with olives and soft-boiled local eggs and a beautiful garden herb oil.

A combination of the best of British flavours, with a Mediterranean twist, a plate that enhances each ingredient, bursting with late summer flavours from the land, garden and sea at the Coach House.  


Recipes from the Estate Kitchens

Inspired by the produce growing in the kitchen garden and those ingredients supplied by the local farming community each recipe we share is a celebration of a season, encouraging you to eat fresh, naturally growing ingredients which come with the equinoxes and solstices.