1. 500ml milk
  2. 75g rapeseed oil
  3. 3 eggs
  4. 25g baking powder
  5. 40g butter (browned)
  6. Zest 1 orange
  7. Pinch of vanilla seeds
  8. 350g flour
  9. Pinch salt
  10. 35g sugar

Soaked Apricots

  1. 500g dried apricots
  2. 250g sugar
  3. 250g water
  4. 1 star anise
  5. 1 cinnamon sticks
  6. 3 cloves
  7. 1 fresh vanilla stick split in half.

The Coach House Scotch Pancakes


Heat the butter in a heavy based pan until lightly golden, allow to cool for five minutes. In a mixing bowl place, the eggs and whisk until light and fluffy. Slowly add the oil while whisking as a slow and steady stream to emulsify. Once all the oil is in you can add the milk and slowly whisk until all is incorporated. Mix the flour and baking powder sieve over the egg mix and gently fold in, then sprinkle the sugar and gently fold in. Zest the orange and the squeeze juice careful to avoid pips whisk into the batter with the vanilla. Slowly whisk in the brown butter in a steady stream. Allow the batter to sit and rest for at least 30 minutes or in the fridge overnight before cooking (ready for a tasty breakfast treat).

Soaked Apricots

Make stock syrup from water and sugar (slowly bring the water and sugar to a rolling boil). Carefully add the spices and vanilla as the liquid will be hot, then allow to cool. Place the apricots into a clean and sterilised kilner jar, once the liquid is at room temperature pour over the apricots. Ensure you seal this, and it can be stored for up to three months in the fridge.

You can also add natural yoghurt to you pancakes to finish.

Notes from the kitchen

Fill the pan with cold water until the jars are covered. Bring to the boil and keep at the maximum temperature for 10 minutes, turn the heat off and cover the pan to keep the jars warm until you are ready to fill them. Do not attempt to sterilise your Kilner® Bottles and Kilner® Jars by pouring boiling water into them.

Recipes from The Walled Garden

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