This season’s favourite: An Assortment of alfresco Ice Cream for Afters

Recent weeks at the Coach House, especially in the courtyard, have felt more like being in Tuscany, as the sun casts its glow, the borders and trawling greenery come to life. 

It’s at the Coach House, which sits at the heart of the estate, that head chef Ross Forder creates estate-to-plate inspired feasts that are fresh, fragrant, and delicious. We were lucky enough to try the new series of interesting estate-inspired ice cream creations that embody the vibrant flavours, scents, and textures of Middleton Lodge…

There is a genius which shines through in every scoop of these signature ice creams. Drawing inspiration from the bountiful surroundings of the estate, he has curated a range of captivating flavours to reflect the time of year. 

Flavours include estate cherry blossom, woodland sorrel, sumac and bay leaf, and lavender-infused ice cream, they are whimsical and wonderful.

We asked Ross about the creations, and he said, “I am forever inspired by the remarkable amount of ingredients that the estate provides. It’s a constant source of inspiration for me, driving my desire to be inventive and create something truly unique. At the Coach House we aim to introduce exciting experiences for each guest.” 

Chef Ross’ estate-inspired ice creams are served alongside his favourite ricciarelli Tuscan cookies, adding an extra touch of texture and delight to the dishes. The creamy, rich ice creams harmonise with the crumbling of the cookies – a delicious summer pairing to be enjoyed in the courtyard.

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Recipes from the Estate Kitchens

Inspired by the produce growing in the kitchen garden and those ingredients supplied by the local farming community each recipe we share is a celebration of a season, encouraging you to eat fresh, naturally growing ingredients which come with the equinoxes and solstices.