Ways to reduce waste have been researched, with new policies and procedures rolled out and implemented. For waste in the kitchens, a reduce, reuse, recycle policy has always been in place, with new methods of reducing waste discussed and implemented regularly. 

The chefs undergo training and research to expand their knowledge of ways to reduce waste in the kitchens and in the summer of 2022, the estate’s first biodigester was installed. This biodigester converts the kitchen food waste into a compost for the estate gardens, feeding nutrients back into the soils to help grow the next crops. 

In all offices, where possible, there is a ‘no print’ policy. If printing is required, recycled paper is used. Any marketing materials are printed on paper or card that has been environmentally sourced and can be recycled and reused. 

There is also a zero-plastic policy on the estate, so no single-use plastic is allowed onsite. All packaging required for the restaurant must be biodegradable and this includes takeaway cups for hot drinks. These can be recycled by our biodigester.

For wedding and private events, we have a ‘no floral foam’ policy due to the impact it has on the environment. All florists are encouraged to use British grown flowers for styling and bouquets. 

And in each building restoration, where possible we use reclaimed materials, from stone to tiles and reclaimed furniture, reducing waste from other areas and finding use for this onsite. 

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